New Job Disbursement Guidelines

Dear Interpreter,

As you are aware, as of July 1, 2015, mileage and expenses are no longer reimbursable through the HCA contract. As a result of this we have found it necessary to make some changes to the Interpreter portal that will make accepting assignments easier for you. Please see changes below:

  • All jobs within 30 miles will be visible on your portal at the time of release, not just those within 20 miles.
  • A filter will be added, allowing you to select the mileage to view jobs from a particular distance. (i.e. 30 miles, 40 miles, etc…)
  • The filter allows you to determine the mileage you want to travel for jobs
  • The mileage will display next to the Appointment in your “Pending Jobs” tab, mileage is calculated from your home address on file with CTS.
  • Jobs will be displayed based on the date of service, then distance to the facility

Should you have any questions please contact Interpreter Relations at:

Important Medical Appointment Update!

The State of Washington 2015 – 2017 budget has been approved by the Legislature and signed by the Governor at 11:35 p.m. on June 30, 2015.   The Health Care Authority confirmed CTS may begin accepting requests from Medical Providers for July 2015.

Medical Providers have input numerous jobs that are set to occur today, July 1 through July 3, 2015. The appointments have been released to your portal as of this morning.

We ask that you please log into your portal at this time and accept any appointments that you are able to service on these dates. Please be aware that most of these jobs are considered last minute, so it is very important that you are paying close attention to the times of these appointments to ensure that you are able to provide your services.

For more information on the 2015-2017 State of Washington Budget please visit Washington State Health Care Authority



We understand the importance of your appointments and want to inform you that due to State Budget Contingency Plans, interpreters should be aware that beginning June 27th CTS will begin cancelling medical appointments scheduled for July 1st. All medically certified interpreters can be affected by this and should check their portal and email to see if any of your appointments have been cancelled.

Located below is an informational letter written by the Healthcare Authority pertaining to these changes. Depending on the Budget Contingency plan, CTS may be cancelling more medical appointments on future dates. For more information on how this will affect your schedule and what your options are, please visit the Washington State Health Care Authority website.


New Interpreter Incident Report Process

We are implementing changes in the way that we process and monitor Interpreter Incident Reports, on April 1, 2014. Please read the Interpreter Incident Resolution Process that will clearly define the new resolution scale and the consequences of violating the Interpreter Code of Conduct. While this is a process that we will be implementing and monitoring, the Health Care Authority (HCA) and the Interpreter’s United Union have been consulted and provided feedback in the creation of this new process.

Review and approve your jobs before they are billed!

“If you are interested in receiving additional training on the new Approve/Dispute Process please email us to sign up for training” Client Portal – Requested Interpreter Email Notification
If an interpreter is requested for a job, that interpreter will be notified by e-mail. For a single job, the interpreter will see the following email.

You have been requested for appointment number XXX. Please login to the interpreter portal and accept or reject the appointment. Please not that if you have a schedule conflict with this appointment it will not appear on your pending jobs list!

For a recurrent job, the interpreter will see the following email.

You have been requested for X recurring appointments. Please login to the interpreter portal and accept or reject the appointment(s). Please note that if you have a schedule conflict with this recurring appointment, it will not appear on your pending jobs list!

Client Portal – Provider Cancelled Job Interpreter Email Notification
If the provider cancels a job with an interpreter assigned, the assigned interpreter will receive the following email notification.

“Appointment number XXX has been cancelled by the provider. Please login to the portal and review your schedule!”

Interpreter Portal – Requested Interpreter Identification
The interpreter can now identify which jobs they are requested for in their Pending Jobs list.

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